Taowhywee, Agnes Baker Pilgrim
Takelma Indian Elder, Confederated Tribes of Siletz
Supporting the Salmon Ceremony and the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers


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 13 Grandmothers' Council - Main Sites

    Center for Sacred Studies
  These are the people who are doing the main organizing and fundraising for the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.
    Global Womens Gathering, October 14-17, 2004

After 3 days of meetings, the Indigenous Grandmothers' Council opened up to this broader event. Speakers included Alice Walker, Carol Mosely-Braun, Gloria Steinem, and Wilma Mankiller.

    The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers
  This is the official website, with detailed information about each Grandmother, future events, and more.
    Video -- For the Next 7 Generations: The Grandmothers Speak
  Video of the 13 Grandmothers Council and Global Women's Gathering, Phoenicia, New York, October, 2004. Carol Hart is the Producer/Director.

 13 Grandmothers' Council - Photos and Articles

    "Grandmothers Tell Us Your Wisdom"
  Statements by Bernadette Riebenot and Flordemayo, in addition to the one reprinted here as "#1 by Grandma Aggie." From the second issue of Worldpulse Magazine.
    "Grandmothers Unite"
  First meeting of the Grandmothers' Council, from Alternet.org, by Rachel Lehman-Haupt, 11/8/04.
    "Indigenous Grandmothers Pray for the World"
  The Second Council Meeting in Pojoaque Pueblo, New Mexico, May, 2005, from Indian Country Today.
    Grandmothers Visit Mapia, Brazil, for spiritual leader Minha Madrinha’s 80th birthday celebration, June 21-July 5, 2005

Photos / Slideshow by Lou Gold, Grandma Aggie's friend from Oregon now in Brazil.

    Quotes in NativeVillage.org

Aggie and other Grandmothers speak at the Second Council meeting in New Mexico.


    Native American Youth Academy -- Konaway Nika Tillicum
  Aggie teaches at this program that she helped establish.  See link under News Stories.

 News Stories

    Distinguished Alumni Award, Southern Oregon University, 2002
    Konaway Nika Tillicum -- Camp for Indian Youth, 2003

 Past Events

    Grandmothers Council, Ashland, Oregon, April 2005
  Presenters included Sharon Mehdi, Agnes Baker Pilgrim, Peggy Rubin, Dot Fischer-Smith, Carol Hwoschinsky, Nancy Bloom, and others.
    Imagine Awards for Community Peacemaking, February, 2003

Honorees included retired Jackson County Circuit Judge Ross Davis, Ashland High School senior Meagan Lescher, Ashland Rabbi David Zaslow, Takelma elder Agnes Baker Pilgrim, and Hanby Middle School teacher Kim Elmer.

 Restoration of the Earth

    Dennis Martinez
    Indigenous Peoples Restoration Network

Founder Dennis Martinez works with Grandma Aggie

    Lomakatsi Restoration Project
  Workers learning ecological skills earn higher pay for better work helping restoration happen: * tree planting for stream-bank stabilization, * fire hazard reduction to allow for the return of natural wildfires.

 Sacred Salmon Ceremony -- Takelma Intertribal Project

    Article in Terrain Magazine, Winter, 2000

 Salmon Restoration

  Ecotrust's mission is to build Salmon Nation, a place where people and wild salmon thrive.
    Klamath Restoration Council
  A hub with links to information about the Klamath River dams and how their removal will help both Salmon and the Tribes who depend on them for food and spirit.
    Mattole Restoration Council
  Grassroots experts in Salmon restoration in the Mattole watershed south of Eureka in northern California.
    Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermans Associations
  Premier lobbyists and legal experts working to bring back the jobs that Salmon give.
    Pacific Rivers Council

An excellent source for research and examples of what can be done.

    Salmon River Restoration Council
  Grassroots experts in restoration in the Salmon River, tributary to the Klamath in northern California.

 Supporters of Native Peoples

    California Indian Basketweavers Association, Woodland, CA

"...To preserve, promote and perpetuate California Indian basketweaving traditions."

    Ecotrust - Native Programs, Portland, OR
  Sponsors of the annual Buffett Awards for Indigenous Leadership.  Objectives: "Support a growing network of leaders, increase outdoor education opportunities for native youth, broker resources for repatriation and improved management of traditional lands."
    Indigenous Law Institute, Eugene, OR

"A Movement towards Restoration and Healing." This group is leading the effort to revoke the Pope's "Inter Caetera Bull" of 1493 that began the fallacious "Doctrine of Discovery." The co-directors are Birgil Kills-Straight (Oglala Dakota) and Steven Newcomb (Shawnee/Lenape).

    Seventh Generation Fund for Indian Development, Inc., Arcata, CA
  Programs: Arts and Cultural Expression, Environmental Health and Justice, Indigenous Leaders of the Americas, Sacred Earth, Sustainable Communities, Intergenerational Leadership Initiative.


    Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde

Over 20 Tribes and bands from western Oregon and northern California were relocated here in the 1850's, including the Rogue River, Umpqua, Chasta, Kalapuya, Molalla, Salmon River, Tillamook, and Nestucca Indians.

    Confederated Tribes of Siletz
  The Takelma are one of the 27 bands of native people from 11 distinct language groups who were taken from their homelands to this reservation in the 1850s, and who now comprise the Confederated Tribes of Siletz. The website includes a detailed history.
    Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs
  Paiute, Walla Walla (Warm Springs) and Wasco
    Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians
    Hoopa Valley Tribe
  Lots of information about Trinity River and Klamath River issues
    Karuk Tribe
  Includes several informative videos about road removal and other salmon restoration projects
    Tolowa Tribe
    Yurok Tribe

Watershed restoration section now under construction.


    Drumming, Singing, Dancing & Opening Prayer for Moody Blues Concert, 11/09/05
  Grandma Aggie, "I was honored to give a blessing at the beginning of the Moody Blues Concert at Jackson County Expo, along with a beautiful dramatic presentation by drummers, singers, and dancers brought together by David West and Brent Florinda from Southern Oregon University."