Taowhywee, Agnes Baker Pilgrim
Takelma Indian Elder, Confederated Tribes of Siletz
Supporting the Salmon Ceremony and the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers


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Aggie was one of 13 women from indigenous cultures from around the world who were invited to the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers in October, 2004.  Since then, she has been very active in following up on this first meeting.

For more information, see the sources in the "Links" section of this website, and the article in the second issue of World Pulse Magazine, p.37.  www.worldpulsemagazine.com

Here's an update the Center for Sacred Studies, September 19, 2005.



 Hello dear friends and supporters of the Grandmothers,


 We hope this finds all of you in good health and spirits. In this time

 of purification, things are really shaking up and falling apart so

 that new life can emerge. We are experiencing this on all levels, as

 we are sure you all are. Fortunately the grandmothers herald a new

 growth of compassion and kindness.


 We know that many of you were wanting a response from us much sooner,

 and we apologize for that. The interest in the 13 grandmothers has

 been enormous and many changes are afoot. We are doing our best to

 keep up with this, update our web sites and contact everyone by email.


 Many of you may know by now that their council meeting in Dharamsala

 has been moved forward to October, 2006. Please check out the update

 letter below for details.


 With much love and gratitude for the prayer that you carry in your



 Ann and Jyoti



 Spiritual Director

 Ann Rosencranz

 Program Director

 Center for Sacred Studies


 sacredstudies.org  grandmotherscouncil.com forthenext7generations.com



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 Sonora CA 95370





 "We, the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

 represent a global alliance of prayer, education and healing for our

 Mother Earth, all Her inhabitants, all the children, and for the next

 seven generations to come. We are deeply concerned with the

 unprecedented destruction of our Mother Earth and the destruction of

 indigenous ways of life. We believe the teachings of our ancestors

 will light our way through an uncertain future. We look to further our

 vision through the realization of projects that protect our diverse

 cultures: lands, medicines, language and ceremonial ways of prayer and

 through projects that educate and nurture our children."



 2004 Fall- First Council Gathering, Menla Mountain Retreat, New York

 On October 11, 2004, 13 Indigenous Grandmothers from all over the

 world--the Arctic Circle, North, South and Central America, Africa,

 and Asia, arrived in the Tibet House mountain retreat in upstate New

 York. Within a few days of convening, the grandmothers agreed to form

 a global alliance; to work together to serve both their common goals

 and their specific local concerns. The first council gathering was a

 time of hope and inspiration. The grandmothers are both women of

 prayer and women of action. Their traditional ways link them with the

 forces of the earth. Their solidarity with one another creates a web

 to rebalance the injustices wrought from an imbalanced world; a world

 disconnected from the fundamental laws of nature and the original

 teachings based on a respect for all of life.


 2005 Spring—Second  Council Gathering,  Pojoaque Pueblo, New Mexico

 The Grandmother Council convened in May for their second council,

 hosted by the Mayan Grandmother, Flordemayo. They solidified their

 alliance, created a mission statement, voiced prayers at sacred Pueblo

 sites and approved projects to further their vision:


 * Development of a web site to disseminate their teachings to adults

 and children.

 * Development of a pilot project for the establishment of a network of

 local grandmother councils with the Cheyenne grandmother, Margaret


 * Development of a pilot project to apply permaculture methods to

 protect their local waters.

 * Review of trailer for the film about them entitled "For the Next

 Seven Generations,"

 * Review of copies of their biographical material written for the

 Shambala book about them.


 At the end of their week together, the grandmother council decided to

 gather regularly, to travel the world to each other’s homeplaces

 cultivating their unified prayer for peace.



 2006 Spring--Third Council Gathering, Oaxaca, Mexico

 The next step for the council is to continue their mission for global

 peace in Mexico. Julieta Casimiro, the Mazatec Grandmother, has

 invited the Council for the fourth council gathering at her homeplace

 in the Sierra Madres.


 2006 Fall-Fourth Council Gathering, Dharamsala, India

 In October the Grandmother Council will reunite in the exiled home of

 the Tibetans, hosted by the Tibetan grandmother Tsering Dolma

 Gyaltong. Their intention is to have a private audience with H.H. the

 Dalai Lama, to strengthen their prayer for global peace and to

 acknowledge their solidarity with the Tibetan people to reclaim their



 2007 Spring- Fifth Council Gathering, Black Hills, South Dakota The

 Grandmothers will gather as a council for the fifth time in the home

 of the Oglala Lakota grandmothers. At this time the council will be

 celebrating the 80th Birthday of Beatrice Long Visitor Holy Dance in a

 Native American prayer service.


 2007 Fall- Sixth Council Gathering, Gabon, Africa

 The sixth council gathering will be held in the African rainforest

 surrounding Libreville, Gabon, at the temple of Bernadette Rebienot.




 The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers has

 requested to come under the umbrella of the non-profit organization,

 the Center for Sacred Studies (CSS). The Center for Sacred Studies is

 a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to sustaining

 indigenous ways of life through cross-cultural spiritual practices,

 ministry and education, and a commitment to peace and unity for all



 This global prayer for peace calls on all of us to gather hands and

 hearts across borders. Many have volunteered their time, inspiration

 and funds for the realization of this unity. In order to fulfill the

 vision of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous

 Grandmothers, the Center for Sacred Studies is continuing to seek

 support of all kinds. Thank you for joining in with us. We stand

 united in this prayer, and we are grateful.






   Center for Sacred Studies

   P.O. Box 745 Sonora, CA 95370


 Jyoti, Spiritual Director

 Ann Rosencranz, Program Director